About Us & Tin Can On Wheels Across Africa

Stan & Marianne

Trip Start: Feb 1st 2012 – Trip End: Nov 2012

Can’t get Africa out of the blood!

We’re 2  recently retired Australian travelers living near Melbourne (but born in South Africa a long time ago) with the (some say) crazy plan of driving a Land Rover Defender called “Tin Can” from Cape Town to London (hopefully), in around 9 months. As they say “born in Africa, always in your blood”!

People say that that all sounds too hard? We will either get:

  • eaten by wild animals
  • catch some horrible disease
  • get kidnapped by Somali pirates

but if you think everything in life is too hard, there’s not much you will do? We felt that some more needs doing in the time left allotted. Besides if you don’t take some risks…….


The Defender was bought about 3 years ago and Stan has spent a lot of time and money fitting it out for overland travel. Marianne calls the Defender the “tin on wheels” – which annoys Stan! We all know how capable Defenders are  – at least when they are running? At the very least it might be an aluminium can, not tin?

We have had a bit of 4 WD ‘ing  and overlanding experience over the years on previous trips around Australia  and other foreign travel  (we are confirmed backpackers who never grew up), but Africa is a whole new ball game!

Final preparations are now at last underway after 3 years of vague planning and come late December “Tin Can” will be in a container from Melbourne to Cape Town.Bring it on – and hope you enjoy following our adventures through the blog……!

We will try and provide useful information along the way.
URL: http://www.tincaninafrica.com


If you are planning a similar overland trip and want to do some good on the way, here is a link to a reputedly good organisation:

The Muskoka Foundation
Looking to volunteer for free while you’re traveling? Contact the Muskoka Foundation, they can provide you opportunities to do good with your skills along your planned route. They will even provide you with the training and equipment necessary to make it happen. All this at no cost to you. You bring your expertise, and we will match it with our training and equipment. Do good as you go!


Locations of their current partners in Africa:
* Blantyre (Malawi),
* Tarangire (Tanzania),
* Addis Ababa (Ethiopia),
* Cape Town (South Africa)
* a community near Polokwane (South Africa).